Need help to recover San Disk USB flash thumb drive in Singapore

Thumb Drive Data Recovery – Data Lost Stories

“I am a student studying in Singapore University. Every final year engineering student have to do project work and I spent many long hours at the school library writing my thesis.

It’s very convenient for me to save my data,  consisting of Microsoft Word,  Excel,  Powerpoint, photographs and pdf files into a San Disk 32GB USB flash thumb drive. I would transfer and synchronize my personal data between my home,  laptop and school computers, using my flash thumb drive.

One day, after the completion of my laboratory report,  I discovered that I am unable to save my work into the portable thumb drive. To my surprise and horror,  I am unable to see the thumb drive in my windows explorer.

I tried swapping and inserting my San Disk USB thumb drive into different Windows and Mac computers. The result is the same – I have experienced an unexpected data lost. And I am in need of portable USB thumb drive data recovery services in Singapore”.

Lost Your Data? We can help!

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Quvaco Data Recovery – We Recovery Your Data.


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